New Tricks

Recently i’ve tried a new area of selective focus photos, using another lensbaby product to produce a different look to the usual lensbaby photos seen in my first post.

I’ve been using A Lensbaby Tilt Transformer ( with a Manual Nikon lens (Nikon 50mm f1.8 e-series) attached. When used as intended, it produces a line of focus, or can leave one half of an image in focus, and the other half completely blurred. I’ve had so much fun playing with this and I wanted to be able to do this effect with the camera as I didn’t want to use software. 🙂

All these images are taken locally in Southend or Leigh.
I would have posted this yesterday but I wanted to take a few more photos to add in. So part of today involved going to Old Leigh.

You can click on a photo to be taken to it on my flickr page.

Bokeh Tree

Door Tilt

Bokeh Palms

tilted cafe

Bokeh Fountain

Tilt Trap



You will probably be able to tell from this blog and from my flickr page that my photography has become very much about having as little in focus as possible. Its become my thing over the last year or so and i’m pretty much addicted to “blur” and “bokeh”. I love the mystery of blur in photos and also the way I can make someone stand out just by having the rest of the image out of focus.
Maybe i’m just weird 😛

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2 Responses to New Tricks

  1. Kira Noble says:

    Simon…beautiful photos. I really liked your edit on Alex Beadon’s blog and thought I’d let ya know!

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