Nine months photographing Aimee

Nine months ago my friend had a baby. About 3 days after that I was there with my camera. Nine months later I still find myself photographing little Aimee. Her photos have featured lots on my Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. She’s lovely to be around and i’ve loved watching her change so much over this last year. All of these are a collection of my favourites i’ve taken. You’ll notice my editing changes during the photos. I upgraded my computer and calibrated my monitor so my colours look a lot different to me now which means my BW edits are done differently.

This was taken a few weeks after she was born ^

With Jo and her mum

1.5 months aprox ^

About 6 months ^

Aprox 6 months again^

Still 6 months^

8 months ^

Thanks for visiting. I’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂


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